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We combine iconic pop/rock songs with sweeping orchestral and choir arrangements. It's like nothing you've seen or heard before. Covers from Nirvana, Snow Patrol, Jeff Buckley, The Cure U2 and More.

Cinematic Pop Launches With New Musical Concept; Releases Two New, Free Videos Showcasing Iconic Songs in Groundbreaking Format.


MESA, Ariz., July 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Cinematic Pop today announced the revealing of two video performances that showcase a new musical concept - famous pop and rock songs arranged for 50-piece orchestra and 60-person choir by renowned composer Rob Gardner. The two performances released at are Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. The group has filmed and recorded eight additional songs demonstrating the format and will be releasing them over the coming months.

"We take iconic pop and rock songs from the last 40 years and remove all of the electric guitars, amps and drums. Then we rebuild them with a new framework based on full-orchestra, choir and soloists while preserving the soul of the original songs," explained Cinematic Pop co-founder and arranger Rob Gardner. "When you hear our versions, we want you to recall and connect with the originals, but also feel like you are hearing them with fresh ears for the first time."

Over June 8-9, 2015, more than 110 musicians converged at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona, along with a recording and film crew that recorded the performances. While the videos are entertaining in their own right and are intended to build an audience for future live performance, they also serve to demonstrate the concept to symphonies and orchestras around the world, who, the creators hope, will pick up the full 90-minute live show as part of their upcoming seasons.

Gardner added: "Cinematic Pop's ultimate goal is to bring these arrangements to live audiences worldwide. For many years, classical music concert attendance has been in decline. By fusing iconic pop songs with the best elements of classical cinematic film score composition, we can bring new audiences to classical concert halls."

About Cinematic Pop

Cinematic Pop is the brainchild of Rob Gardner, Drex Davis and McKane Davis, and the arrangements are the work of the renowned Gardner, whose original compositions include Lamb of God, He is Jesus Christ and 12 Princesses (winner of's Best Test Movie award in 2012). Cinematic Pop fuses sweeping, emotionally charged classical music you might hear in a film score with your favorite rock and pop songs.  The songs are presented in a 90-minute live show with full orchestra, choir and soloists.  Those interested in booking Cinematic Pop for a live performance, please contact us.

Cinematic Pop videos and recordings can be accessed at

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