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We combine iconic pop/rock songs with sweeping orchestral and choir arrangements. It's like nothing you've seen or heard before. Covers from Nirvana, Snow Patrol, Jeff Buckley, The Cure U2 and More.

Cinematic Pop Album "Prologue" Debuts at #2 on Billboard Classical Crossover Chart

Cinematic Pop's first ever studio album "Prologue", recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra at Air Studios, London, debuted on the Billboard Classical Crossover Chart at position #2.  The album includes the group's arrangement of Tears for Fears' Everybody Wants to Rule the World that the group performed in the 2016 season of America's Got Talent.

"We are thrilled that our recording has charted at Billboard," said Cinematic Pop co-founder and arranger Rob Gardner. "This album represents a totally unique concept, so we're thrilled that people are excited about it and embracing it. Our tremendous soloists, the fantastic Cinematic Pop Choir, and the incomparable London Symphony Orchestra - nearly 150 musicians in all - worked over six months and on two continents to make this album happen."

This is the third studio collaboration with the London Symphony Orchestra for Gardner, who first rose to prominence on the success of the composition Lamb of God. Gardner's arrangements appearing on Prologue include those of songs originally performed by artists such as Nirvana, The Cure, Adele, Coldplay, and more. Those songs include Smells Like Teen Spirit, Friday I'm in Love, Rolling In The Deep, and Fix You, respectively - along with 9 others, including three originals.

Gardner said: "Since the release of our first video 20 months ago, Cinematic Pop has reached heights we never could have foreseen. We've performed on national television, sold out concert halls, completed a recording with the London Symphony Orchestra, and charted on Billboard. We are so grateful for the many supporters and artists who made it all possible. Without them, this recording never would have happened."

About Cinematic Pop

Cinematic Pop is the brainchild of Rob Gardner, Drex Davis and McKane Davis. The arrangements are the work of Gardner, whose original compositions include Lamb of God, He is Jesus Christ, and 12 Princesses (winner of's Best Test Movie award in 2012). Cinematic Pop strives to fearlessly lift others by causing them to feel through music, specifically by fusing emotionally-charged classical music you might hear in a film-score with your favorite rock and pop songs. The songs are presented in a 90 minute live show with full orchestra, choir and soloists. More at

Full Studio Album with London Symphony Orchestra

This is a dream come true for us! In mid-October Cinematic Pop will commence recording its first studio album, beginning with a tracking of our orchestral arrangements with the world-famous London Symphony Orchestra (LSO)! We will be recording with them at the premier Air Studios in London, England.

The LSO is one of the oldest and most renowned symphony orchestras in the world. It was founded in 1904 and is now the most recorded symphony in history. It has recorded over 200 soundtracks for major motion pictures - so they are perfect for putting the cinematic in our pop!  In fact, the LSO recorded the soundtracks for Star Wars, Harry Potter (and Superman, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, and tons more iconic performances).

Photos of the London Symphony Orchestra:

Air Studios opened in 1965. It was founded by the revered Beatles producer, Sir George Martin. Artists who recently recorded albums at Air Studios include Adele, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, Paul McCartney, Bon Iver, James Blunt, Peter Gabriel, Imogen Heap, and Michael Buble. 

Photos from Air Studios in London:

We are so excited to add our names to those lists and to experience the magic of of the London Symphony Orchestra and Air Studios!

We’ll take lots of photos and share them with you, along with our thoughts, while we’re recording in London. Follow this blog for updates, and also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date.

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What a night! Two sold out Arizona shows blew us away!

Thank you to all of you who came out to see and hear our very first full-ensemble shows!  We’re thrilled with the feedback we’ve received and cannot wait to perform for you again!  

We performed 19 songs, three of them original songs written by members or performers with Cinematic Pop. The songs we performed were, in order (soloist name in parenthesis - McKenna Breinholt, Cosette Fife-Smith, Spencer Jones, Josh Mortensen):

  1. Everybody Wants To Rule the World  (Spencer, McKenna)
  2. Smells Like Teen Spirit  (McKenna)
  3. Friday I'm In Love  (Cosette)
  4. Chasing Cars (Spencer)
  5. Sail  (Spencer)
  6. Listen To Your Heart  (Cosette)
  7. Somewhere Only We Know (Josh)
  8. First Light  (Spencer) [original song written by Rob Gardner and Spencer Jones]
  9. Human  (Spencer)
  10. One  (McKenna)
  11. Titanium  (Cosette, McKenna)  
  12. Like Memories Do  (McKenna) [original song written by McKane Davis and Rob Gardner]
  13. Rolling In the Deep  (Spencer)  
  14. So Low  (Spencer) [original song written by Spencer Jones and Rob Gardner]
  15. The Sound of Silence  (McKenna)
  16. More Than a Feeling  (Cosette)
  17. Reign of Love  (CHOIR - No Soloists)
  18. Fix You  (Spencer)
  19. [ENCORE]  Hallelujah  (McKenna)
Photo Credit Breea Guttery at  Tell the Birds

Photo Credit Breea Guttery at Tell the Birds

Below are some of our favorite comments from the night:

Wow!! The show was absolutely incredible! We literally felt like we experienced magic within the walls of that auditorium! We were inspired, uplifted, moved, and truly speechless at the performances. We are Cinematic Pop concert-goers for life! We can't wait to bring our family and friends with us next time! The show has to be experienced. There's nothing like it! Our only request is hurry and put on another concert! Thanks again! You guys are the best!!!

Cinematic Pop, you left me speechless. The talent of everyone involved is beyond description. Thank you for a beautiful evening

We LOVED each and every minute of the concert!!! What fabulous arrangements set to orchestra, choir and guest artist soloists! Thank you! :)

We brought our 21 year old granddaughter and my 91 year old aunt and they both loved the performance. Thanks to the whole group for sharing your time and talent with us.

Amazing! Hours later and I still have the chills! A one of a kind group! 10/10!

I just got home from the August 27 concert and all I can say is a huge thank you. It lifted my heart and brought back beautiful memories.

Absolutely amazing experience. There was not a song that didn't move us, but if I had to say my favorite it was probably Sound of Silence. What incredible talent you have. Hoping you can produce the audio recordings of these songs quickly so we can share with our friends and family.

FANTASTIC JOB! it was incredible, and every song had something different to offer. I hope you put out a CD soon so we can listen to this again!

We loved it!! I still can't find the words to explain my emotions! Certain music speaks volumes to me and I was so moved by the orchestra/band & the choir! The singer's voices & choice of music were fantastic! I loved the background on how songs came to be. I had no idea McKane wrote music!! Loved the new songs as well as the old. Rob & Spencer were funny to listen to and the "baton throwing" was epic. I had to buy the album on iTunes after we left the concert. Loved every minute of it!

That concert blew me away. It's so fun to see what you guys have created. I love that I get to show my kids that you can do whatever you set your mind to... Thank you for putting that together for everyone to enjoy!!

I have never cried so much listening to pop music! It was out of the park. I really needed that concert tonight. I absolutely loved all of the original music tonight just as much as the remakes, and maybe even more. The whole show was so powerful. 

If you'd like to read more feedback you can check out the responses on our Facebook page

We are currently working on options for performing in other areas and also on new videos so you experience more Cinematic Pop no matter where you live. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook now to keep up to date. Also, sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive invitations for shows and recordings.

And here are some of our favorite photos from the night (all photos Breea Guttery -Tell the Birds)




America's Got Talent Update Etc.

As many of you know, we were recruited by the producers of the TV Show America's Got Talent to come perform on the show. In early March a redux version of our group (38 of our 100+ group) traveled to California to perform in front of the judges and audience. Here's what was shown of our performance:

They did cut up and edit our song, but you can still get a sense for what it was like. The audience gave us a resounding standing ovation and all 4 judges gave us enthusiastic "yesses". We felt like we had a very good chance of going quite far in the competition. 

Here's our official statement on what happened. "Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, the size of our group, and logistical concerns we pulled out of the show. We were one of the largest groups in the history of the show (even with our reduced 40 person ensemble) and our single appearance on the show was a feat by itself. We worked hard to make it work on both sides, but given the nature and size of our group, short timeline, and requirements of a reality show like AGT, we couldn't make it work. We wish the America's Got Talent team and all of the contestants good luck!"

If you want to see us live soon you'll need to come see one of our Sold Out shows in Arizona. Didn't get tickets in time? You can still win them. 10 tickets up for grabs here: