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We combine iconic pop/rock songs with sweeping orchestral and choir arrangements. It's like nothing you've seen or heard before. Covers from Nirvana, Snow Patrol, Jeff Buckley, The Cure U2 and More.

America's Got Talent Update Etc.

As many of you know, we were recruited by the producers of the TV Show America's Got Talent to come perform on the show. In early March a redux version of our group (38 of our 100+ group) traveled to California to perform in front of the judges and audience. Here's what was shown of our performance:

They did cut up and edit our song, but you can still get a sense for what it was like. The audience gave us a resounding standing ovation and all 4 judges gave us enthusiastic "yesses". We felt like we had a very good chance of going quite far in the competition. 

Here's our official statement on what happened. "Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, the size of our group, and logistical concerns we pulled out of the show. We were one of the largest groups in the history of the show (even with our reduced 40 person ensemble) and our single appearance on the show was a feat by itself. We worked hard to make it work on both sides, but given the nature and size of our group, short timeline, and requirements of a reality show like AGT, we couldn't make it work. We wish the America's Got Talent team and all of the contestants good luck!"

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